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Maintaining the cleanliness of a school or government office is among the most important responsibilities of those who manage such properties.

our team of experts has the experience and tools necessary to ensure your school or government office is thoroughly clean and free from unnecessary clutter. We’ll coordinate with you to develop the ideal cleaning plan for your needs. Whether you only want one-time service or you’d prefer to set up a regular cleaning schedule, we’ll offer flexible options to maximize your satisfaction.

Keeping Schools & Government Offices Clean

  • Health & Safety

    An unclean environment is typically a germ-friendly environment. This is one of the most critical reasons to keep your school or government office clean.

  • Improving Learning Outcomes

    Those managing a school property have a responsibility to ensure students are learning in a positive and constructive environment. A school and government office cleaning team can help them fulfill this responsibility.

  • Optimizing Performance

    A clean environment won’t merely boost the performance of students. It can actually optimize the performance of workers in virtually any setting.

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We at J&R Environmental Service, offering school and government office cleaning have earned numerous five-star reviews on such platforms as Angie’s List, Google, Thumbtack, and many more. Why? Because we are consistently dedicated to providing quality service. To learn more about what we can do for you, click below or call us today at (201) 982-7123.

From Our Customers

Melina Mensah

J&R provides outstanding service in the commercial space! As a business owner I could always count on J&R to deliver exceptional service to my space. They know the cleaning space very well and always understood the assignment. I appreciate Ryan and his team for their honesty and great work ethic.

Ahmed Zaqout

Ryan and his crew are personable, professional, accommodating and most importantly, ALWAYS in communication with us. Highly recommend to take advantage of J & R efficient service and great prices!

Bruce Packer

Needed some cleaning done and they were thorough, professional, responsive and honest. Highly recommended.


...Ryan came in and Took the time to explain to me exactly what they were going to clean. Ryan and staff were extremely professional, punctual, efficient and affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need!

Zak Gersch

Ryan and his team are great! Very responsive, communicative and prompt. We are quite happy with the cleaning we received and have started recurring service. Value is great! Thanks again Ryan!


J&R was extremely efficient and detail oriented with cleaning my apartment when I moved out. I left it in not so great of shape but J&R put in the time and the work to ensure it was restored like new. Couldn’t have asked for a better cleaning service.

From Our Blog

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J&R Cleaning Professionals is one of the highest-rated and most trusted commercial cleaning companies in New Jersey. We provide a safe, clean workspace for you and your customers through the consistent delivery of our first-class customer service and strict attention to detail.

Our New Jersey office cleaners and floor and carpet cleaning services are a great resource for many companies, businesses, facilities, and industries to take advantage of such as:

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